Events Confidential: How To Grow Your Brand Visibility

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Silvers as she gives you tips on how to grow your business by being strategic with social media, networking and attending trade shows.


Several of the event planners I interacted with shared with me that they often run into a content rut. They ran out of topics to talk and write about. In their mind, the more content they push out, the more visible their brand will be. When I ask them who they are pushing out the content to, they looked at me as if I have 2 heads. "My followers, of course!" That's their answer. When I ask how many of their followers have engaged them for their services, the answer is either "None", or 1-2 people.

If you are thinking that the more content you create and share, the more people will buy from you when they see your wonderful content, I am so sorry to burst your bubble because that is NOT the entire truth.

People often mistaken that content equals visibility. To grow your brand visibility, you need MORE eyeballs on your content. More eyeballs mean more people are being nurtured by your content, which leads to more people considering hiring you for your services. At any point in time, only 2-3% of the people in your ecosystem is ready to buy NOW. That means the rest of the 97% will either buy later or won't buy because they just want to enjoy your free content.

In order to grow your brand visibility, you need to NOT only continue to share content with your EXISTING followers, you MUST increase the number of followers you currently have so you have a LARGER pool of potential buyers who will buy NOW or buy later.

What happens when you are just sharing content to your existing followers? You start to deplete your BUY NOW followers by converted them into buyers. The average buying cycle for the buy later client is at least 3-9 months! No business is sustainable with no sales for 3-9 months..

In short, you need to know the difference between content and visibility.

Content: Created for people already in your ecosystem, such as your followers, people in your email list etc

Visibility: Being "visible" to your existing followers AND new audience

Pushing out content does NOT mean you are being visible. Content is great to nurture people ALREADY in your ecosystem. Your visibility is ONLY to these people.

Visibility means to share your content with your existing followers PLUS new audience, so you always have a group of NEW and EXISTING followers and increasing your pool of 3% "buy now" followers.

SO how do we increase your brand visibility? Here's a few pointers:

-Engage/co-host in other people's facebook group or instagram

Show up and share your expertise! Comment with USEFUL content that will highlight you as the solutions provider, and use other people's platform to assert your authority.

When you show up and serve, people want more of you because you are sharing content that people want and enjoy. They will be asking how they can follow you on your social media to get more of YOU, how good does that sound?

-Attend networking events

You need to be growing visibility at ALL fronts. Not only should you be showing up digitally, you need to show up at in person events as well. Nothing compares to the in-person connections you make at live events.