Events Confidential: How to Make a CEO Schedule

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Silvers as she gives you tips on how to create a CEO schedule that keeps you on track in both your business and personal life.


Do you have a CEO schedule for you and your business? Do you even know what a CEO schedule is?

Having a CEO schedule is a crucial part of starting and growing your event planning business, or any business while keeping your sanity at the same time.

You can have the best laid plans and strategies, but if you don't make time to implement them, what's the point of having all these grandiose plans for your event planning business and for your personal life?

Here are a few tips to help you create your CEO schedule so you have time blocked to work on your business AND for yourself, your family and loved ones.

Tip #1: Flip your schedule

Instead of fitting your business schedule into your existing schedule, you need to fit your existing schedule INTO your business schedule

An effective CEO schedule is one that focuses on a success list, not a To-Do list.

The CEO schedule should ONLY contain tasks that are NON-NEGOTIABLE for both your personal life and your business. These tasks must be tasks that will move the success needle for your business, and fulfill you emotionally, mentally and physically for your personal life.

Items that are non-negotiable for your business are any activities that generate leads and sales, such as potential clients and clients outreach. Activities that create visibility for you and your business such as engaging on your social media and other people's social media platform, networking events, etc.

Items that are non-negotiable for your personal life include self-enrichment activities like listening to podcasts that expands your mind and calm your soul, spending time with your loved ones and exercising.

When you look at your success list for your personal life and for your business. What tasks can you automate, delegate or delete?


Can some of the tasks be automated? If yes, they need to be automated so you can gain back some time to work on sales generating activities for your business.

I run two successful businesses. If I were to do everything manually, I would never be the multiple 6 figure eventrepreneur and event coach because there is simply NOT ENOUGH TIME to do everything on my success list!


I try to automate any tasks that don't need to have any human contact, such as scheduling discovery calls, sending out questionnaires and marketing kits, onboarding emails, sending invoices and processing payments. All th