Events Confidential: How To Turn Your Manifestation Into Reality

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Learn from event mentorship expert May Yeo Silvers as she shares how to turn your manifestation into reality.

It's 2021, people are making new year resolutions, manifesting what they want for 2021. The reality is, the resolutions and manifestations are often the same ones they made last year.

Have you ever wonder why these resolutions and manifestations are not coming to fruition for them? This is because when we create our manifestations, we don’t align these 4 elements. When these elements are not aligned, we are not able to fulfill our manifestations. So, what are the 4 elements? Let me break it down for you.

First: Your Energy

When you think about what you want in your manifestation, do you have a foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake pedal?

For instance, you said you want to have your own event planning company, that’s your manifestation. What is the thought that follows immediately after you have that manifestation? Is it, “But I don’t know how and where to start and I don’t have the money to start the business”, or “But I don’t know how and where to start and I don’t have the money to start the business. However, I am going to figure it out. I will find the resources to make this work!" Do you see the difference between these two thoughts?

The first one, you stop right after you realized you are facing the challenges of not having the know-how and financial means.

The second thought, you acknowledge these challenges, but you immediately think of how you are going to solve the challenges so you move forward to fulfilling your manifestation.

Too often, people stop at the “but”. There have immediately talked themselves out of their own dreams because they can’t see beyond the “but”.

Second: Your Alignment

Is what you are manifesting aligned with your core values, your beliefs, and actions?

For instance, you manifest that you want to make 6 figures for your event planning business but you are only wanting to work less than 40 hours a week on your business. You are unwilling to acknowledge the simple fact of “Maximum efforts, maximum results. Minimum efforts, minimum results”. If you have a scarcity mindset and money block mindset, when you think about wanting to make that much money, the first thought that comes into your mind is, “I don’t think I could ever make that much money”. So, it is very obvious here that your manifestation does not align with your beliefs. Your manifestation MUST align with all of you, and when I say all of you, I mean your mental, emotional, and physical state. These three elements must align to help you achieve your manifestations.