Events Confidential: Do you have a fear of automation?

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Silvers as she discusses how she overcame her fear of automation and how it helped her business grow.


Automation... The word used to send shivers down my spine. I was afraid of and HATE technology because every time when I was working on a huge project, something ALWAYS happen to the darn computer not saving my updates and worst still, I couldn’t find my files!!!

So when people tell me to automate my event planning services, I was like “Nope. I will stick to my word document and PDF files, thank you”.

As my event business and coaching business grow, I am BURIED with tons of paperwork, manually sending email responses when leads contact me, sending out questionnaires for each lead and client, making proposals and contracts, making invoices and manually charging credit cards.

I am a super efficient eventrepreneur, mind you, but I could not keep up with all the work that needs to be done even though I had templates to work off with. Finally, I decided there MUST be a way to understand the whole technology and automation thingy. I decided to take the time to learn and implement the automation necessary in my businesses to keep my sanity and protect my time. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

So, I am going to ask you.. Are you experiencing the same resistances to automation and technology as I did?

Are you afraid of automating your services because of these reasons:

  • you lose the personal touch with your leads and clients

  • you feel that you are losing control of what you are doing

  • you are not tech savvy, it takes too much time to set up the automation

Well, these fears are all valid. If you have resistance to automation just like I did, don’t feel bad because I was once in your shoes.


If you want your business to grow and scale, you need to have a shift in your mindset. It’s only when I started automating my businesses, that’s when I saw rapid growth in my businesses. I made the shift by telling myself:

  • Automation is necessary for my business if I want to grow and scale

  • Automation allows me to have more time available so I can actually focus more on client service

  • Automation allows me to have more time available to focus on profit generating activities by using automation on repetitive tasks

  • I don’t NEED to automate everything. I only need to automate parts of my businesses that do not require any live interaction between my lead/client and I

It all starts with the decision to make that shift in your mindset that “Yes, learning how to automate my business and letting go of some control is intimidating and scary, but I need to do this so I can protect my time, and be the CEO that I am meant to be”.