Events Confidential: How to Create A Social Media Content Calendar

Learn from event mentorship program expert May Silvers as she goes through the process of creating a social media calendar.


Do you have a social media content calendar for your event planning business? If you don't, you better start thinking of creating one. You want to be able to constantly put you and your work out there so you can build your authority and the know, like and trust factor.

So many event planners mentioned one of their biggest challenges is not getting leads. Well, how are you going to get leads if there are not enough people knowing what you do and who you are?

The more visibility you have, the higher the probability that people will remember you and contact you whenever they need help planning their events. So, start using your social media platforms as your lead generating machine!

In order to have a social media presence that works for you, you need a strategy for your social media content calendar. We do not want to fall into the "post and pray" camp. We need a strategy that outlines the following factors: which platform we want to post on, how often and when is the optimal time to post where we can "catch" your followers, and most importantly, what type of content to post and in what format.

Factor 1: Which platform to post on

It all goes back to who your target audience is. If your target audience hangs out on Instagram, there's where you are posting. If they are Tik Tok fans, there's where you need to show up. It is SO important to really understand what services you want to provide and who will need those services. Once you figure out who needs your services, that's your target audience.

Factor 2: How often and when to post

Let's not be one of those social media heroes here who do their 30 days daily posting challenge and then after the challenge, you are nowhere to be found on social media because you get burned out.

You can always start slow, and once you have the bandwidth to increase the frequency, open the flood gates! Don't over commit in the beginning and show up everyday, and then suddenly disappear and your followers don't hear from you after weeks later.

We want to create consistency so your followers know and can expect when to "see" you. I rather you show up once a week, than to show up everyday and then fizzles out. We don't want your social media presence to be like a hot romance where you get courted every day, and then after a period of time, the courtship dies off leaving you wondering what happened to your suitor.


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