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A Good Mentor Plays The Role of 3Cs: 


As your consultant, I share my own business insights gained through years of real-world experience. Insight from a mentor can save you both time and resources in figuring out a problem. 


As your counselor, I listen and guide, but I don’t give away all of the answers. Some learn best with hands-on experiences to fully understand concepts, while others prefer theoretical explanations. I will customize your growth plan and implement a method that suits you the best. 



As your cheerleader, I provide support and optimism. Starting a business has many up and downs, and it can be encouraging to know that I am rooting for you through those tough times and cheering you on every step of the way.

Being your mentor is more than telling you what to do. It means sharing expertise with a consultant mindset, guiding you along the journey (without giving away all the answers) and being a cheerleader when you need it most.

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